Simplifying Insurance

Life insurance is important, but it can sometimes be complex. So Sovereign Insurance has broken it down to keep it simple. Drawing on the expertise of Sovereign people, these videos cover off some frequently asked questions and answers around life insurance to help you get sorted.


What is life insurance?

Start with the life insurance basics. Get a run down on what it is, the types of cover you can get and when you might need it.

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Applying for insurance

What's actually involved in the application process? Find out the five main steps, starting with where to begin the conversation.

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Understanding insurance premiums.

Want to understand life insurance premiums? It's worth knowing what they are and why they can change

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The claims process.

If you're making a claim, we understand something hasn't gone to plan. To help you through this difficult time, here's a heads up on what happens and how to make the process easier.

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How an adviser can help you.

Do I need an insurance Adviser? Find out about the benefits of working with an Adviser to ensure you have the best cover for you now, and as your life changes.

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